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Security Consulting

We expertly balance your risk and vulnerability with your short, medium, and long-term objectives, your distinctive operational background, and within established budgetary targets

Security Audits

ADITI has the resources to reveal where weaknesses and security gaps exist in your organization. A security audit assesses how effectively your organization’s security policies are being implemented and we help tackle issues that drive failure to establish an effective security program. 

Security Program Assessment

ADITI’s security experts tailor security programs to each clients’ various requirements, operational cultures, company priorities, and overall preferences. Providing a fully functional security program is a fragile balance and we know from our experience there is no “all-purpose” solution. We talk with your people, take time to learn your culture, review the previous incidents that happened, efficiencies of processes and applicability of technology, and third-party support as needed.

Security Master Plans

Good security risk management starts with a master plan — the idea of the security division, its roles and responsibilities, and how it matches with the overall organization. Security is more practical and more effective when you look at your organization as a whole.

ADITI generates a plan that enables you to prioritize, assess, and apply risk mitigation measures that can be adapted if your needs change.

Security Policy and Procedure Development

We can develop security policies customized to the exact risks you encounter—all within the framework of laws and regulations.